T.I. Facing $5 Million Lawsuit For Apparently Misleading Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency named FLiK Token has been supposed of cheating 25 individuals by the Clifford “T.I.” Harris. The challenges are taking legal action Atlanta-based Ryan Felton along with his partner Harris for safeties scam and are they looking for at least five million just in compensations.

As according to some of the recent reports printed in TMZ, all the investors mentioned that Felton said them that the initial price of total six cents for each token in 2017 will rise to the amount of $14.99 only in fifteen months. Yet, the price of currency supposed to be decreased to 1 % in the month of August 2018, with a price of complainants more than two million.

The Blast reported that court brochures blamed that Felton and T.I. of using common media, superstar approvals, and famous industry experts in order to make the false imprint that FLiK Tokens are originally a valued liquid investment. The lists of people who are blamed in this case are Comedian named Kevin Hart, Dallas Mavericks who is owner of Mark Cuban. In the case of FLiK Token misused these 2 celebrities were supposed to be associated with the mentioned corporation.

Further, in this very same case, plenty of Hip Hoppers also had shown their attention to use the Blockchain and most popular digital currencies. A very popular name NAS has invested in the Coinbase. Nipsey Husslepurchased a share in Trail Coin. Finally, Ol’ Dirty Estate proclaimed Lil Vert Dirty Coin knew as the Dripcoin.

Later on, the Felton said that he has already got Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban as his investing partner. He also said that someone also created some fake online posts on the behalf of Mark Cuban. This thing was done to manipulate the value of FLiK and FLiK Tokens.

The investors are still blaming that T.I. and Felton does the Securities Fraud. They are demanding to have almost $5 in per case of damages.

T.I. has dropped his most-awaited studio album calledThe Dime Trap earlier in this same month.