Bitcoin’s Lightning Payment App now Accessible With Apple SmartWatch

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency of the world, has been experimenting with its lightning payment app and now few clicks away from an Apple Smartwatch. The user can now receive the payment app over their Apple Smartwatch.

Bluewallet is a Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for Andriod and iOS users. Now Bluewallet is carrying out a small experiment with its new app, basically designed for smartwatches ‘Apple Watch’. Users can easily receive payments related to bitcoin within few seconds on the Lightning Network by using Bluewallet’s new app.

Bluewallet is one of the leading lightning network wallets, and on Sunday it launched the new app for Apple smartwatches. The users can receive bitcoin over the new payment technology- Lightning. Bitcoin buyers can use the smartwatch app to generate a QR code.

The second layer payment solution Lightning enables users to receive the bitcoin. Other users only need to scan the QR code with the help of a Lightning app and then the bitcoin is directly sent from the wallet to the smartwatch. The process of sending bitcoin is simple, easy, fast and less cost effective.

Blue wallet officially announced the development news on Twitter via post; the tweet was posted on 5th May 2019.

Before the app was fully developed, the Blue wallet last week, gave a brief preview of the new app. Now after a week, the new Lightning app is completely ready to use. The new app is currently available in the iTunes store; users can easily download and install over their smartwatches, and get ready to receive bitcoin.

The Lightning app is developed by Nuno Coelho, who is the product and UX engineer and mentioned the app as an experiment:

“ It’s a little experiment we do to use wallets on the clock. The first versions will be simple so you can get Lightning payments.”

Bitcoin Lightning Payments App for Smartwatches required?

Smartwatches are not as popular as smartphones. Most of the people use smartphones to carry out their important jobs, so is there a demand for the smartwatch based Lightning app?

Numerous people prefer to save time and most of the time their smartphones remain in their bag or pocket. The smartwatches are used as a means to monitor their health and also used to connect your smartphone to refer to important things such as messages, calls, other notifications, battery, and many others. If you are using a smartphone to see the mobile notifications every day, its time consuming and every time you need to remove your smartphone from your pocket.

So Bluewallet is trying something new and is even verifying it to see if users prefer to make bitcoin payment through smartwatch.

Coehlo mentioned that it’s easy to receive bitcoin with only two fingers and can be good user experience, mostly if you want to be quick. Installing app could be a good option if you are buying bitcoin from someone and if you are not comfortable with using your smartphone every-time.

Coelho said that they are not sure how many users want to use it but highlighted that the app is an experimental one. If the response is good, then we will continue to work more on the project. Other team members are also working on the app to enhance its features and to expand it. The company is at the initial stage, and we are working to find out how to design this correctly.

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