Bitfinex Crypto Exchange Establishes New Banking Relationship With HSBC

The former editor of Diar and the Head analyst at the Block, Larry Cermak, reported on 6th of October that Bitfinex is obtained a banking partner in HSBC. Bitfinex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. It is now banking with HSBC, a 133 billion dollars banking in London. Although it is a private account of Global trading solutions, Bitfinex obtained with HSBC.

Bitfinex is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges; it has been experiencing some of the difficulty changes. In some of the markets like South Korea, Japan, and the US offered a cryptocurrency regulation.

Bitfinex started a lawsuit against Wells Fargo as for blocking deposits to the banking accounts and also disrupting operations. Wells Fargo is the US-based bank.

Bitfinex said that the decision to start legal action is only because they can’t allow precedents where clearinghouses can disrupt businesses which are by all metrics complying with the rules. If they allow them to simply flip a coin and can damage the whole operations system in the business, then there comes a precedent in the digital currency world. So they believe that it is the correct time to take action of legal.

Bitfinex has moved out of Taiwan and relocated to the Caribbean and partnered with Noble Bank to process transactions which are sent by their clients.

Noble Bank has announced to file for bankruptcy following an in-principle deal to remodel debt, and with that, the banking partner of bitfinex disappeared.

HSBC is the first proper banking partner Bitfinex has got. If the deal between HSBC and Bitfinex can be supported throughout the long- term, then it can bring a level of solidity to the business operations.

Director of communications at Bitfinex said that the industry cannot comment on the nature of the partnership between the HSBC and Bitfinex.

Bitfinex has never commented on business relationships and now this is not subject to change. It is not possible for the exchange more cryptocurrency as HSBC is a private banking account. It is high in probable that the exchange can be obtained in the banking service of HSBC only through some strict regulations with KYC, Anti-money laundering requirements.

Most of the exchanges in a significant market like the US, Japan, and South Korea, have got banking services by big financial institutions and the commercial banks. If Bitfinex can support its partnership with the private banking account HSBC, then it will have a positive impact on the solidity of the whole digital world.

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