ETC Labs launches a Dedicated Team to concentrate on Core Ethereum Classic Projects

Ethereum Classic Labs hatchery has established a new Ethereum Classic (ETC) development group ETC Labs Core. The organization has revealed this news in a blog post reported recently.

As per the declaration, the new group will be working together on ETC ventures, supporting the coin’s blockchain and will be providing tools & technique to decentralized application improvement, services, and mining.

At the initial quarter of the year 2019, the group will purportedly concentrate on surveying Ethereum’s (ETH) Constantinople (ecumenical council) hard fork, which is set to occur around January 16. This will be done before finishing the Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal 1045, which will present help for a few sections of Ethereum’s Byzantium and Constantinople redesigns on the ETC network.

Throughout this year, the group is set to deal with related issues, for example, chain monitoring and investigation tooling following the 51% assault on ETC that occurred this January.

As per a news report, the digital currency exchange Coinbase recognized an ETC blockchain revamping on Saturday, January 5 and demonstrated that it was a 51% assault including over $1.1 million worth of crypto.

And so forth ETC developers previously denied the reports about the attack, expressing that twofold spending did not happen on the system. Nonetheless, they asked all crypto exchanges and mining pools to increase affirmation times on all withdrawals and investments essentially.

At the beginning of December 2018, the founder one of the main ETC development groups ETCDEV, Igor Artamonov declared that the development team couldn’t keep working and needs to close down its activities, somewhat due to the crypto market crash “combined with a cash crunch in the company.”

And so on is now ETC exchanging at around $4.37, up by 2.57% throughout the past day. The altcoin’s market capitalization is around $469 million, making it the eighteenth biggest digital currency according to press time.

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