Ethereum Classic Attacks

Slow Mist, a Chinese security firm, claimed that it could locate culprit behind Ethereum classic Attacks. Slow Mist summarized the analysis on ethereum classic on Wednesday report.

It also included information provided by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Both Slow Mist and Coinbase said double spends have occurred as a result of block reorgs, with Slow Mist contending that a total of seven transactions were rolled back from the network and 54,200 ETC (almost $270,000) spent a second time.

These attacks have started on January 5th Saturday 19:58 UTC, now similar attacks on the network has been now stopped with last one occurring on Tuesday at 4:30 UTC.

Slow Mist further added that it is still trying to find out exact address. Speaking to coin desk, slow mist stated that they are working to locate attacker with the help of Bitrue and Binance exchange.

SlowMist is working with Ehereum developers to identify the origin of attacks. In advance of this meeting, ethereum classic developers tweeted a summary of current priorities for the community, emphasizing that “we will not reorg the chain or revert the events on a chain under any circumstance.”

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