Hummingbot to Begin 6-Month Liquidity Mining Campaign for AVAX

Hummingbot will maximize availability to AVAX by engaging the Avalanche community’s AVAX token holders and Hummingbot community’s active crypto traders with an attractive total reward pool of USD36,000.

Hummingbot has added Avalanche, AVAX, the latest asset in its liquidity mining program. Hummingbot will begin a six-month mining program from December 8, 2020, at 12:00 AM UTC. The initial rewards that the Avalanche liquidity mining campaign will distribute will be USDT rewards, which will change to AVAX Awards. The community-driven open-source project aims to democratize the algorithmic trading constructing strategies that will be accessible to all globally. Hummingbot has a record of working with Ethereum, Celo, Maker, etc., and now looks forward to collaborating AVAX to Hummingbot for maximum accessibility. Hummingbot will begin the mining program with a webinar, Avalanche Liquidity Mining Webinar, on Dec 9 from 2:30 PM-3:30 PM ET.

The open-source software, Hummingbot, allows one to create and run customized strategies. An individual can automate the trading of their cryptocurrency on decentralized protocols and centralized exchanges. Avalanche, the open-source platform, can launch financial primitives, new decentralized applications, and interoperable blockchains.

Liquidity mining takes on a decentralized approach to providing liquidity making, the previous activities accessible only to hedge funds and institutional traders, to all in the current date. With the open-source crypto trading software, equipped with Hummingbot, the participants will be able to make markets and receive rewards. Avalanche will reward its participants in a liquidity mining campaign for putting out maker orders four AVAX token pairs, which will add to their order book depth that determines liquidity. The Avalanche community’s AVAX token holders and Hummingbot community’s active crypto traders look forward to the USD 36,000 reward pool.

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