Integration of DeXe and StaFi Makes Staked Tokens Trading Easy

Leading decentralized social trading portal facilitating easy copying of best trading strategies, DeXe.Network has announced its strategic partnership with, a pioneer DeFi protocol that provides high-end liquidity of staked assets to the crypto fans. The integration between the two parties will help the traders and investors to fetch more profit earnings from their staked assets quickly. The DeXe.Network team took to its Twitter handle to circulate the news in the media, stating:

As part of the collaboration, the entities will put in their joint efforts to open new opportunities of seamless trading of staked crypto tokens for the users. Presently, the investors face a major problem when staking their assets as their tokens get locked in the staking channel and lose their ability to liquidate and trade during the staking period.

StaFi understood this limitation and found a solution for the users by issuing a tradable rToken. The main feature of this token is that it is easily exchangeable on any CEX or DEX where it is available for trading.

The exchange rate of rToken surges with the staking rewards that helps the asset holders to redeem more native coins in the credit. The ‘r’ in simple words symbolizes ‘rewards.’ StaFi will allow DeXe users to access its products and services fully. The customers will use the portal to facilitate the staking of assets to avail of general staking rewards along with easy access to rXYZ assets that can be traded for potential profits. The users can benefit from DeXe Network’s wallet-to-wallet copying interface to follow and copy profitable wallet strategies easily.

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