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Newdex Crypto Exchange is Launched on TRON; Opportunity to win 180K TRX or iPhone 11!

On September 28, TRON Foundation announced big news about Newdex on its official Twitter handle. Well, Newdex, as we all know, is the largest EOS based crypto exchange; has got a chance to be launched on TRON. Newdex has started to run on the TRON platform 4:00 (UTC) on September 28.

During the launch, Newdex held activities such as: “Divide TRX equally by login”, “Obtain airdrop by trading”, and “Trading contest.” The launch was made even more incredible with exciting giveaways which included 180,000TRX and iPhone11. So here is a quick run through the activities that will be seen around-

What is the activity time period?

The activities have already started on 04:00:00 September 28, 2019, and will go on till 03:59:59 October 3, 2019(UTC.)

What are the types of activities?

Here are the three types of activities that will be seen during this launch period:

  1. Permission to TRON users to log in to the Newdex platform:
  • There will be in total 30,000 TRX tokens offered in the airdrop.
  • It will follow a first come first served basis.
  1. The 30,000 TRX will get divided equally:
  • During this activity, the total amount of 30,000 TRX will be divided equally by trading of the TRX or USDT.
  • As per the announcement: “trading volume (buying + selling, excluding self-trading) ≥10 USDT can receive 30 TRX.”
  • It will also follow a first come first served basis.
  • In the situation where the transaction time and the block packing is the same, then, in that case, the order of transaction will be considered to figure out the ranking.
  1. The trading Contest:
  • This activity offers the users a chance to win grand prizes.
  • As per the announcement: “transactions on Newdex (buying + selling, excluding self-trading) ≥100 USDT will be deemed as valid participants.”
  • Ranks will be assessed on the basis of the transactions.
  • Those accounts with the top 6 largest trading volumes will be awarded prizes.

So what are the prizes?

In cases where the eligible participants have more or equal to 1000 post the ending of the activity, the participant will be entitled to win the following prizes:

  • Prize 1: iPhone 11 (or 73,000 TRX)
  • Prize 2: 20,000 TRX
  • Prize 3: 10,000 TRX
  • Prize 4: 5,000 TRX
  • Prize 5: 2,000 TRX
  • Prize 6: 1,000 TRX

Eligible participants with less than 1000 in their accounts after the activity ends will be entitled to the following prizes:

  • Prize 1: 10,000 TRX
  • Prize 2: 5,000 TRX
  • Prize 3: 2,500 TRX
  • Prize 4: 1,000 TRX
  • Prize 5: 500 TRX
  • Prize 6: 250 TRX

The results will be announced once the activity ends. The rewards will be offered to the eligible participants within 10 working days. The participants who will win an iPhone 11, on the other hand, will need to contact the support team, within 3 working days after the results get announced. Upon the failure of the winner to contact the support team, or in the situation where the prize can’t be mailed, an equal amount of TRX will be sent to the winner. The platform has clearly mentioned that any account with a suspicious number of activities, or any attempt to fake the account can render the participant invalid.

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