SundaeSwap Launches On Cardano; Users Report Failing Transactions

SundaeSwap is Cardano’s first platform for decentralized exchange and token staking. It recently went live on Cardano to mark the first DApp to utilize its smart contracts.

There was a lot of excitement prior to the launch, but it later transformed into a frustrating experience. Users reported errors of failed transactions and slow processing on its Discord Server. The complaints received their response with a comforting justification that the orders would be processed shortly.

Transactions Failed For SundaeSwap

The launch of SundaeSwap on Cardano witnessed a wave of excited users going live to swap their tokens. However, it caused network congestion, leading to a slow processing speed of the transaction.

Doubt does not surround the idea that the launch was a failure. It was indeed a success as the value of Cardano’s ADA jumped by 50% in the previous week. It has a reputation to maintain now, with the Cardano team being hopeful that everything will work straight once the issue is resolved.

Listing of SundaeSwap went live at 9:45 am UTC. Two minutes later, the users began complaining of the failed transactions and slower processing speed. They took to the Discord server of the project to continuously raise the issue with the team.

All of their concerns were responded to by Mateen Motavaf through a message. The Chief Executive Officer of SundaeSwap said in the message that orders were failing due to congestion. He assured them that all the orders would be processed shortly.

Users were also asked to remain patient.

The team later hosted an AMA session on Twitter to answer all the questions of the users. One of the users raised a question related to the upcoming Cardano node upgrade and the effect that it would have.

This question was answered by Matt Ho, the Chief Technical Officer of SundaeSwap. He said that the upgrade would go live on January 25th, 2022, and once the upgrade is live, it will increase the throughput by more than two times.

Another user asked a question in the late-night AMA session, highlighting that the order was filled on the exchange before the launch was scheduled. Matt Ho responded by saying that the team could not believe that someone constructed a transaction by hand before the launch.

Users continued to raise the issue of failed transactions even during the AMA session. Their orders were on hold for more than four hours. This further increased their level of frustration.

Pi Lanningham, the Chief Investment Officer of SundaeSwap, responded by saying that orders would be processed at the rate of 2,500 orders every hour.

Despite many users raising their complaints, the team remained confident that the protocol would be able to meet the expectations once the issue settled down.

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