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Tokenisation of Airbnb, Uber, SpaceX, Grab and Didi Chiung shares a reality soon! Claims new security token exchange Hg Exchange, Singapore

Aimed at reducing the gap between the traditional financial market space and the cryptocurrency exchange, a new cryptocurrency trading platform Hg exchange will soon start offering blockchain based trading of tokenized assets such as shares of Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, and more such future technology organizations. Created by former team members behind the development of the decentralized application (dApp) Ziliqa (ZIL) and crypto exchange Maicon.

The digital-first strategy of Hg Exchange is dedicated to integrating private enterprises with the right investors and democratize the capital market at large by giving investors the chance of participating alongside their institutional counterparts. The initiative will provide a platform too high growth start-ups and will also provide the average investor with access to companies that have a valuation of over $10 billion. Normally an average investor can only dream about investing in these mega unicorns of today, but with Hg Exchange’s new platform the day is not far that every investor will have an equal opportunity of investment. With tokenization gaining pace in 2019, many investors have identified this as a key growth area for financial technology with tokenized real estate and other tokenized assets shortly.

Ziliqua will launch its main net toward the end of January is focusing on real-world use cases to accelerate blockchain adoption. It is crucial to speculate how Blockchain technology can solve existing challenges that industries face instead of a global digital transformation wave. Within the investment, industry blockchain can facilitate greater standardization, fractionalization and enables trading on a regulated venue at a lower cost within everybody’s reach.

There are players already in the tokenization of shares such as DX Exchange. This exchange lists Ethereum tokens that it says are backed 1 for 1 by publicly traded stocks held by a third party; another company Swarm has done this with private equity company. Combining private equity and other traditional asset classes with blockchain technology can liquefy previously illiquid assets.

A high throughput public blockchain platform aimed at solving scaling issues with sharding, which breaks the main block chain up into separate smaller units to more efficiently process transactions will be the key in this new exchange. Currently, on the scaling roadmap of Ethereum, the world’s second-largest blockchain Sharding is expected of being a few years away. Equipped with MaiCoin developed exchange functions, matching engine and order book, Hg Exchange is a strong contender to turning their claims of tokenization of share of decacorns (companies with a valuation of $10 billion) of today into a reality soon.

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