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Web Browser Opera Takes Web3.0 Mainstream with Blockchain Oriented Browser

In a bid to provide users with smooth access to a number of blockchain-powered services, Web browser Opera has announced the launch of a blockchain oriented web browser. They also have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet launched with the same. Opera conveyed that this is in an attempt to attract enthusiasts and encourage mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

As per the report by the NextWeb, the company launched their novel product at Hard Fork Decentralized, a blockchain event, in London. This makes the browser first of its kind to have such advanced fintech features.

The wallet, the developers announced, will only support Ethereum as of now and support for the rest of the digital tokens will be rolled out later. With such features, Ether investors will now find it alluring to use Opera as their default browser.

The newest version of the Opera browser for Android has built-in integration with Ethereum’s Web3 API. Web3.0 or the decentralized web is supposed to be the new prototype of web interaction and will mark the next fundamental change, both in how websites are created and more importantly, how people interact with them. The new features of Opera will facilitate the users to connect with decentralized apps (dApps), manage their digital identity, and make transactions. As per the report, Opera is the only major browser to take the new Web3.0 mainstream.

The feature is presently only for the Android users, and it is not available on iOS. Users can use the cryptocurrency wallet by first downloading Opera on any Android device. Then they have to purchase some ether tokens to store inside the wallet. Once done, they can access a selection of many mini apps inside the browser. This feature uses Android’s secure system lock to sign cryptocurrency transactions directly from the browser. This will make it convenient for the user as they will have one less PIN or password to remember.

The company is also planning to release a desktop version of this browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux. The new tool is not available to all at present and is only limited to a few select private beta testers.

Earlier this year, Opera also became the first major browser to have anti-cryptojacking software for their desktop browser. Cryptojacking is an increasingly worrying trend in which hackers use your system’s computational power to mine cryptocurrencies. People at Opera had proclaimed this move as a zero-tolerance policy of using people’s computers to mine coins without their knowledge or consent.

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