Blockchain Brings Transparency into Food Industry

Just like every other industry even the food supply industry is taking up technology for many things. There has been an advancement in this industry as well with all the apps for door delivery of food and takeaway outlets has become a normal lifestyle for people now. The task of ordering food might have become easy, but it comes with its own disadvantages like it is not visible to the customers as to from where the food is coming or how hygienic the food is and whether products used are of good quality or not.

To overcome these drawbacks recently, there was one article that was published which said that largest companies like Nestle and Walmart along with 12 other companies are constructing a blockchain to alter the way the food industry is tracking food throughout the world. The main blockchain pioneer company has been IBM. They are making use of blockchain technology to trace the activities of the food supply chain. The group run by the IBM that is dedicated to solving the problem of tracing is known as “IBM Food Trust.”

To increase transparency, there is no better technology than Blockchain, and it has become the main source of achieving safety and transparency. The way of implementing blockchain in the food supply industry can benefit them is that they will be able to trace the shipment every time it is being shipped and delivered. This unconventional technology will help retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and restaurants to track through this food supply chain that is very complicated in nature.
There have been many issues that have come to light when delivering the food like there has been an occurrence of a delivery person consuming the food that he was supposed to deliver to the customer. This has left the customers with a lot of doubts and dilemma about order food online. There has been contamination of food products like dairy products, vegetables, fruits being artificially given color and problems like this have kept growing. One necessary step that needs to be taken is to make strict following of rules and regulations of safety and tough self-contemplation. However, only this is not enough, and things like this can be prevented efficiently if there is transparency as well as good traceability. The customers and owners will not be distorted.

Implementing blockchain technology in the food industry might help gain the trust of the people which is much needed by these businesses. It can behave like a way of authenticating that the food is good and the customers can rely on what they are chosen.

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