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Ibinex OTC Desk Facilitates Traders to Execute Big Orders and A Single Gateway to Completion

Ibinex, the company which provides all the crypto solutions to its clients, has introduced its OTC desk to ease up the big transactions.

As the crypto market is spanning, big and small investors both are trying to get engaged in the market to make some profit. The big investors do not trade through exchanges as the big orders can cause violent price swing affecting the global markets. OTC (over the counter) transaction allows the trader to trade in an open marketplace. An open marketplace allows the free flow of trade without the interfering intermediary in the process. Since the transactions happen directly between the parties, there are higher risks of fraud and price inconsistency. The company’s institutional OTC desk allows its big traders to trade outside of conventional exchanges while ensuring the improved risk management.

Over-the-counter transactions come with many difficulties. Buyers and sellers may not agree to the custodial/escrow services. Sometimes even the custodians try to undermine the attempted transactions. Buyers and sellers may conflict with the different choices of the process of transactions like the number of wallets to be used, which escrow services have to be used etc. These conflicts can make the transaction even more difficult. Additionally, another roadblock is the lack of a common platform to transact on.

The company’s OTC Desk deals with all the issues through an all-in-one approach. The company has a Bitlicense in the United States, which offers fiat and crypto custodial/escrow services to its clients along with a high level of safety and accessibility to their crypto assets. The clients now no longer need a separate escrow provider who can manage both sides of the transactions.
The company’s single gateway to completion- from the custody of funds to the completion of the transaction has everything needed to facilitate a successful over-the-counter transaction. The company also offers a private order book to its OTC customers. The book holds all the transaction details like discount rates, tranche sizes, time to transact, duration of the contract, etc.

Other than OTC desk Ibinex provides a white label platform to those who seek their own crypto exchange. Its cutting-edge crypto solutions are innovative and effective. Recently the company became the first crypto exchange provider certified by the Financial Commission (FinaCom).

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