CEO of Epic Risk Management Discusses Safe Gambling Normalization

The CEO of Epic Risk Management, a consultancy firm that works towards its aim of taking the issue out of gambling, has recently expressed his views about normalizing safe gambling. Paul Buck, Epic’s CEO, is recognized for talking about gambling along with the safety of the activity.

The company provides risk management advisory and quality education to organizations with the highest risk domains. It also offers training, education, programs, and strategic consulting services to the gambling sector.

While expressing his opinions in an interview, Buck said that the gambling industry would need to learn from its past mistakes spanning a decade to remain sustainable. That includes operators of the industry, regulators, as well as commissioners, he added.

Buck also revealed that he, along with his team, wants the industry to become sustainable with less damaging product offerings. He also intends to ensure that the advertising of gambling is done in the right tone. According to Buck, things are changing as industry operators have begun competing with each other on safer gambling now.

It is vital to note that the industry of gambling has been booming of late. The industry is making millions of dollars every year. The industry includes sports betting as well as bitcoin gambling. The betting on sports has been gaining a lot of popularity, both online and offline. However, with the rise of the sector, there is a need for formulating strong regulations on it as well.

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