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Is It Possible To Start Forex Trading With No Money? Know It Here

Forex trading is the market, where currencies are traded. In order to invest in forex trading; you need to have a currency that you can exchange for the currency of another country to gain profit. After understanding the forex trading deeply, you will come to know that it is possible to earn money at Forex without making any investments. 

Trading at Forex without investing

With forex trading, you can earn money, but the profit will not be as big as it might be when you have invested some capital in it. The best part with no investment trading is that there will not be any risk of losing money. Every reputed forex broker will let its user open a demo account. Such an account will offer a virtual currency to trade at forex. But you cannot withdraw the fund earned by such demo accounts. Some Forex brokers also offer No deposit bonuses which are free funded live Forex accounts sponsored by brokers. A trader will just need to fill up an application form to open the live Forex trading account, and he will get actual USD in the account. This is bonus money that will get you started with the trading without having to make any deposits.

Affiliate programs 

You can also earn using affiliate programs. Affiliate programs give you the chance to earn extra money without trading. You just have to select a broker and start to promote them. If you are successful in attracting people, you will get your commission. This is also a popular trend among traders to earn money without any investment.

Aim of affiliate programs is to attract new clients who are willing to trade in Forex. These programs have different terms and conditions. Some brokers will let you have the bonus if or not the clients’ trade. Checking the terms and conditions will let you know how much you can earn through affiliate programs. Once you are successful in attracting the clients, the broker will automatically transfer the bonus in your account which you can withdraw and use in trading. 


Few brokers offer contests for demo and real account holders on a regular basis. To win the contest, you need to boost the income on the virtual account many times within the shortest time possible. The broker running the contest will transfer the prize money in your account as a reward. 

Posts, reviews, and comments 

Some brokers offer rewards to the clients for leaving interesting comments on the forex forums. You can also get bonuses for participating in Forex opinion polls. Similarly, you can publish articles and surveys about the Forex to earn bonuses. 

The promotions offered by are unique. The investment firm offers a commission rebate for funding the account as a cash back to their loyal traders. Additionally, the firm also offers positive interest to the clients whose balance exceed a certain amount.

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