Three Drug Dealers in UK Imprisoned for Running ‘Project4’ Complex Drug Business to Earn Bitcoin

In the United Kingdom, three young men were found by the FBI for running a ‘sophisticated’ drug business named ‘Project4’. The project was operated in order to earn Bitcoin- the leading digital currency of the world.

All the three men were identified by the Thames Valley Police and revealed the names of convicted, namely Colin McCabe- 39-year-old, Robert Price- 36-year-old and Toby Woods- 36-year-old. Thames Valley Police mentioned that these three men earned more than £1 million by selling ‘Class A’ drugs over the dark web.

The BBC report mentions that the drug selling network was noticed by the FBI, and later, the FBI approached the UK police over the drug matter.

The men were arrested only after investigators matched the DNA of one person associated with packing drugs.

McCabe was detained by the police, and after this, investigators found various information relating to drug selling, packing drug materials and phones including user addresses.

Officers, after carrying search operation in Price’s home, they discovered cannabis resin of 1.3 kg, valued at £13,200 and MDMA of 580 grams, valued more than £10,000.

UK Judge, Francis Sheridan told that he had never discovered a drug dealing business ‘as sophisticated or well organized as this one.’

Judge Francis further mentioned that payments made through bitcoin indicated an attempt to save from getting detained.

Three men sentenced imprisonments

In the court hearing, McCabe has sentenced imprisonment of 12 years only after confessing drug supply conspiracy relating to cocaine, cannabis, and ketamine.

The second man, Price after claiming guilty for creating a plot to deliver drugs, was sentenced to imprisonment for 9 years.

The third person, Wood, has been sentenced to 14 months of imprisonment only after confessing that he was involved in the drug dealing business and managed the illegal property.

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