NASA interested in Blockchain Technology for Securing Aircraft Flight Data

While more and more business giants in the world are looking for various ways to incorporate blockchain technology in their business framework for taking most of the advantages out of it, NASA is willing to incorporate great potential of blockchain technology in its business framework for ensuring better privacy of aircraft flight data.

An aero-computer engineer working in NASA issued a study paper on Monday. This paper says that blockchain networks and smart deals can help in reducing and managing security problems.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has asked the US to enact a different surveillance network from Jan 1, 2020. This system is named as Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B). Its major function is to telecast identity, location and other information about aircraft.

However, it has been a point of stress for several stakeholders. Reisman declared that ADS-B does not offer any equipment for making aircraft information secured and private. Furthermore, this system does not look for possibility of imitating and related risk factors.

He further added that a few companies would like to keep their business data private. These companies want to keep the privacy for data for countering the tracing of executives as part of corporate spying functions. And if the information gets public, then companies may get prone to various unwanted threats or risks.

If the data is not put private, it may reveal a basic framework of department of defense. Moreover, if it gets misused, then it can lead to intrusion, destruction of DoD tasks, facilities or property.

Blockchain technology is amazing as it can boost the growth of industries from various sectors such as logistics, medicines, finance, and cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin was successful just because of this blockchain technology. This technology provided utmost security to these cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ripple, etc.

The number of applications of this amazing technology in the world is increasing with time. Thailand uses blockchain technology for e-voting and Bank of America uses this technology for ATM as a service. Furthermore, this technology is in its early stage. It has numerous possible applications in the future that can revolutionize the growth of industries and the economy of a country.

And now NASA is planning to incorporate blockchain technology into its business framework. A NASA researcher has issued a model in the paper. It is named as Aviation Blockchain Infrastructure. It allows commands on which information is shared easily and secretly.

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