National Cricket Team of South Africa Falls under for Bitcoin Scam on Twitter

A recent twitter scam has shaken the Cricket South Africa (CSA) by accidentally offering a fake Bitcoin lottery to its supporters, a local Indian news site reports.

The official Twitter account of CSA with more than 1 million followers was compromised overnight by Bitcoin Scammers. This brought about a huge number of tweets which tried to sell a Bitcoin (BTC) lottery trick to CSA’s supporters. CSA informed the cricket network about its automatic participation in the fraud scheme prior today.

The tweet declared that Cricket South Africa (CSA) had collaborated with crypto wallet Luno, where customers could win 20 BTC ($70,900). The tweet that now has been deleted incorporated a Bitcoin address, where members were encouraged to send Bitcoin to take part. The Bitcoin scam was live for around five hours.

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Luno independently exposed the news, confirming not to have any association with the CSA for the token scam. “We distance ourselves from this tweet that is going around,” the firm expressed. CSA likewise used a tweet to apologize to its followers who were troubled by the overnight account hack.

CSA is not the first who involved in the scam

A year ago, various Twitter accounts were hacked to act like Elon Musk, with one explained to have stolen as much as $170,000. The scammers acted like the Tesla CEO after hacking the verified Twitter accounts and changing profile names and pictures to look like Elon Musks.

Few of the twitter accounts conveyed tweets, purportedly from the Tesla honcho. Each tweet had Musk’s image, who guaranteed to give BTC away to members of the scam. Litecoin Founder of Litecoin-Charlie Lee has had a considerable amount of Twitter impersonators, also.

His picture is often being misleadingly utilized by tricksters to encourage fake Litecoin giveaways. Various fakers had overflowed Twitter with hacked accounts, preying on unsuspecting people.

The hacker’s ensured users that they would send LTC once the victim individual sends crypto to their mobile wallet. All the while, many Twitter users lost their coins and received nothing in return.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has truly turned into the unwitting essence of crypto scams on Twitter. Google has additionally found itself the subject of a Twitter-based crypto scam. Recently, the official G-Suite account was hacked to encourage a fake crypto giveaway, deluding a huge number of supporters using the deceitful tweets.

The hackers posted tweets to encourage a Bitcoin giveaway scam, persuading G Suite users to accept cryptocurrency for payment transactions. The message, which vanished a few minutes after it posted, went ahead of the impact points of a Target giveaway trick.

Bitcoin tricks have turned out to be to somewhat troubled and risky for clients and Twitter as a social platform. The social media network said that they are trying to improve its techniques for dealing with cryptocurrency scammers, but they still pursuing their efforts.

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