Viettel wants to be the Industry Leader in five years

The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation is an innovation and most developed wing of Vietnam’s largest telecommunication operator in the entire Viettel Group. It has set an aim to reach the most leading blockchain technology provider in Vietnam in just five years. It was reported on the 25th of this month.

Helping commercial and government sector:

Actually, the Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation was established to provide the data and communication technology solutions to the commercial and also governmental sectors. It was to assist in developing the government digitally.

The Viettel Enterprise Solution’s deputy general director said that the company is interested to maintain pace with the development trends which include the blockchain technology or digital currency. It was said at a workshop named ‘Blockchain at Viettel’. He also confidently said that the corporation has enough resources with financially, network infrastructure and specialists to deploy blockchain and to learn about the digital world.

He also said that blockchain is an ecosystem which is unlimited. The most important and difficult work for the company is choosing the most effective blockchain technology.

Healthcare sector; blockchain technology:

The Viettel Enterprise Solutions Corporation developed the blockchain solution to increase file management. The file management blockchain is regarding healthcare sector. It enables the link of whole medical networks. This model is now waiting for the approval from the Ministry of Health in Vietnam.

Other Asian Countries deployed blockchain technology and digital currency in their telecommunication sector. KT Corporation is the largest telephone company in South Korea. It announced the launch of its own blockchain commercial network. It is to make the blockchain more secure and transparent. It also plans to allow the individuals and other corporate clients to transfer the data and to store their data with ‘less hacking risks’ of the digital world. It was announced in July.

The three largest telecommunication operators in China like China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile also launched a blockchain research committee in July. It mainly focuses to develop a trustworthy blockchain application team which is to explore the blockchain area. It also seeks to raise the understanding and knowledge regarding the digital world.

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